Important Update: Cranbrook Family Fun Day

The profits from the 2014 Cranbrook Family Fun Day are available for Cranbrook charities to bid for.

Bids should be sent to and must be received by 31st January 2015

The Community Centre Project – Update

The planning application, which included a Business Plan, was submitted to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in the first half of January and we now await their decision.  The application is available for inspection at the Parish Office.

The planning application for the access to Wilkes Field from the Regal car park (more usually referred to as the Co-op car park) has also been submitted.  There are discussions on the access which involve the Co-op, TWBC, and the developer, and agreement is urgently being sought from all parties.

Fund raising will start once the planning application has been approved.

Below are some of the images that form part of the planning application:












Winter Strategy 2014 – 15

It is the individual responsibility of every parishioner to take due care and attention in adverse weather conditions.

The Cranbrook & Sissinghurst Parish Council have made no arrangements this winter for snow and ice clearance, salting or gritting of the Regal, Tanyard or Jockey Lane Car Parks.

Cranbrook & Sissinghurst Parish Council will not undertake clearance of pavements within the parish.  Residents and businesses are encouraged to clear the areas in front of their own property, although this will be entirely at their own risk.

There are salt and grit bins throughout the Cranbrook and Sissinghurst parish for use by parishioners.  Spreaders are available from the Parish Office at the corner of Stone Street, under the Vestry Hall. There is also one available from Ropemaker’s Barn, The Street, Sissinghurst.

Throughout the winter season all residents and visitors to Cranbrook and Sissinghurst must use the roads, car parks and pavements with due care and attention. It must be clearly understood that all users of the car parks do so at their own risk.

Update on Part-night Street Lighting from Kent County Council

Following widespread consultation, Kent County Council will begin to convert approximately 70,000 of its 120,000 street lights to part-night operation. Selected lights will switch off between the hours of midnight and 5.30am GMT.

This work, which starts in December 2013, will:

  •  save around £1 million per year
  • cut carbon emissions by 5,000 tonnes per year
  • reduce light pollution.

We are also switching off a further 2,500 lights, for a one-year trial, in places where they would not be provided today.

We will not be switching off any street lights in town centres, areas with CCTV, anti-social behaviour areas, at busy road junctions, roundabouts or sites with road safety concerns.

To find out which lights will be switched off in your area and when, use the ‘find my nearest’ search on our website:


Cranbrook Citizen Advice Bureau

Tunbridge Wells and District Citizens Advice Bureau is delighted to announce that from 1st November the Cranbrook Bureau will be moving into Cranbrook Library in Carriers Road. 

KCC Libraries and CAB are both are both excited about the coming move which, by bringing  the  library  and CAB together, will make it easier for the people of Cranbrook to access the services that they need. 

The move will benefit the residents of Cranbrook and the outlying areas by providing advice and information along with Library services and the Registration of Births and Deaths all under one roof.  The Cranbrook Library is ideally situated in the centre of the town with good parking facilities and disabled access.  Those affected by the future introduction of Universal Credit will gain a further advantage by being able to use Library computers to access benefits.  We look forward to working in partnership with the Library for the good of the Cranbrook community.